Who we are

Made with love in the heart of the Midwest, Twin Cities Almonds can be found in 17 supermarket locations, as well as select restaurants and vineyards throughout Minnesota. Their recipe for success has been found by taking the time to ensure that the highest level of quality is duplicated in every single batch of nuts. Initially focusing solely on almonds, the company has now grown its product line to include cashews and pecans. With staple flavors like Cinnamon Vanilla Pecans, Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, and seasonal fare like Honey-glazed Cashews, it’s no wonder they’ve found a sweet spot.
Just as important as Twin Cities Almond’s commitment to quality consistency is their belief in listening to their customers. When they heard some customers were looking for a less sugary option, they responded by producing two blends that contain no added sugar; Lemon Almond and Smoked Citrus. By using all-natural and dairy-free ingredients for their entire product line, these tasty snacks are sure to satisfy any health nut.
Our Story
Our owner, Chris, had spent years in sales and customer service employment, but always had an entrepreneurial goal in mind. After trying out an almond recipe he found online, numerous tweaks (and, oh yes, burnt batches) followed until he perfected the ideal balance of natural ingredients. Initially shared just amongst friends and family, the word of his delicious almonds started to spread. Feeling inspired by the positive feedback coupled with growing demand, he decided to invest into two commercial nut roasters. The stovetop operation then officially moved into the garage, which had to be rewired to handle the increased electrical demand. Within months, bolstered by a new social media presence, demand once again grew and had Twin Cities Almonds looking for a bigger home. This time, a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen in St Paul was selected which is where we are today. Though the setting has changed, the attention to detail and commitment to food integrity has not.
Our Nuts
All of our ingredients used are natural, you’ll find nothing artificial here. Many other nut producers use butter in their coatings, but we don’t, making our nuts dairy-free. Also, don’t forget, all nuts are always gluten-free.
Mission Statement
Twin Cities Almonds produces nuts of the highest quality by inspecting each batch with our hands before they reach yours.
We believe consistency and food-integrity matter, and that it matters to our customers too.